Where to go

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ChildLine is a service for young people under 19 to talk about their problems and how they’re feeling.
29 Oct 2018

Counselling and Therapy Services

Counselling and therapy services involve a trained professional listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with your problems and worries.
29 Oct 2018

NHS Sexual Health Services

Sexual health services provide screening for sexually transmitted infections, as well and contraceptives and sexual health advice.
29 Oct 2018


The police enforce the law and can take legal action against offenders.
29 Oct 2018

Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis are an organisation of Rape Crisis Centres, and also a charity offering a broad range of support for sexual assault.
29 Oct 2018


Samaritans are a listening service, giving you somewhere to talk about your problems or what’s on your mind.
29 Oct 2018

Survivors UK

Survivors UK offers support for men (18+) who have been the victim of sexual assault.
29 Oct 2018

Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC)

SARCs are specialist centres for people who have been the victim of sexual assault.
9 Aug 2018
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